South Indian Cookbook

Chutney Recipes

Throughout India chutney recipes are some of the favorite accompaniments to breakfast, snacks or breads. They can also be served before the meal begins. Indian chutney recipes are quite different from British chutneys which are more like jams or jellies. Indian chutneys are savory in flavor and can be either mild or spicy. Tradionally, they are ground on a stone. Today, cooks use food processors to blend the chutney sufficiently.


For breakfast, or tiffin, serve coconut chutney with masala dosai, idli (steamed rice pancakes), or rava dosai (savory wheat pancakes). Coconut Chutney also goes wonderfully with pongal, bondas and vadai. In Tamil Nadu, rice based dishes predominate and the savory chutneys make a perfect compliment. For Tiffin, tomato chutney can be served with dosai or chapattis.

Appetizers and snacks

For Samosas and Bhajis, mint chutney is a perfect companion. The tang of the green chutney balances the savory filling of the Samosa.

Main meals

For larger meals, chutneys can be used indifferent ways. It can be served before the meal with breads. With the main dishes, I prefer the savory chutneys like the tomato or onion chutneys.


Coconut Chutney

Mint Chutney

Cilantro Chutney

Tomato Chutney

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