South Indian Cookbook

You can make an Indian Recipe South style at home!

Have you been in an Indian restaurant or have tasted an Indian recipe south and wondered if you can make it at home? Well, you can cook wonderful Indian meals with Indian recipe South Indian style. I have enjoyed researching and preparing these Indian recipes south and I am sure you will too.

Recently, I visited South India and studied the local cuisine and Indian recipes. South Indians from the state of Tamil Nadu were very generous in sharing their own tips, techniques and family secrets. I also visited many restaurants so that I had an excellent idea of how each dish should taste. In presenting these tasty dishes I hope that you will get as much enjoyment from them as I have.

The cuisine of Southern India is quite varied. I have included some lighter fare such as masala dosa, Idli(steamed rice cakes), and Samosa. This site also has accompaniments to a meal such as Sambar-a wonderful lentil stew, chutneys, and breads like chapatti, poori, and papadam. The main dishes include vegetarian entrees, which are both nutritious and savory with interesting blends of spices, and meat entrees like the Chicken Chetinad that has a wonderful coconut sauce. Indian recipe south certainly includes tasty and refreshing beverages like chai and mango lassi as well as delightful desserts.

Indian recipe south also includes a list of ingredients with common substitutions as well as techniques to get the most flavor from those ingredients. The ingredients I list can usually be found locally. I strongly endorse visiting the local merchants if they can be found in your area. Part of the fun of enjoying Indian cuisine is to speak with others (especially Indians) who love Indian recipe, Southern style and might also share a few of their secrets as well. Enjoy exploring Indian recipe, south Indian style!

South Indian Recipe Cookbook
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